Hanging Huts

Address: 5/32, Thabbacombai Village, Kotagiri District, Tamil Nadu, India. Reservation Line: +91 90429 58500, +91 94437 37260

About Us

start_quote The world of resorts is an ever expanding entity growing more with each new traveler coming of age and ready to see the world. Development of these high dollar resorts often comes at the expense of the land surrounding it. There is often a disregard for the land and the natural beauty surrounding it. We are looking to change all of that. We are Hanging Huts.

Hanging Huts is an Eco Resort, meaning that we work with the land rather than against it. Our resort is built around the land. Unlike other resorts we work tirelessly to ensure that our rooms do not in any way undo the beauty that nature has already made. Our rooms offer breathtaking panoramic views of the world around you. Hanging Huts is Kotagiri’s only Eco Resort. Take in the beauty of your surroundings from the comfort of your own private suite.

We at Hanging Huts want to reclaim the way life used to be when communities were made up of tribal families. Tribal living is being connected to nature in a deep, spiritual way. We want to bring our guests back to a simpler time. Before there were all of the distractions of our world today there was a sense of belonging in the world. You not only belonged to your family, but also to nature. Living in harmony with nature will allow for a close connectivity with the bountiful harvest that nature so freely gives. end_quote


When visiting a new place people are often looking for tranquility. Tranquility is often desired, but rarely found. With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, a tranquil end can seem out of reach. We at Hanging Huts offer our guests true tranquility. From the time you arrive you can begin to breathe in the tranquility. The mountains that surround the area give it a luxurious feel. Walking through the hills and valleys of this region will allow you to feel that tranquil feeling that we all long to feel.


Harmony with nature is our goal. Nature is beautiful and does not need our human input to be improved upon. Harmony in the spirit comes from the sounds surrounding the person. We want you be in perfect harmony with nature. The sounds of the mountains will set your spirit back to the place it should be, harmonic. While in the mountains, you are sure to be greeted by the sounds of the many waterfalls surrounding the area. It may not be the fountain of youth, but a dip in these cool waters will rejuvenate your spirit and no doubt make you feel young at heart.


Alongside of tranquility you will experience true peace at Hanging Huts. Peace is found when there are no worries on your mind and you truly feel taken care of. Our resort is committed to excellence and offering our guests the most peaceful stay possible. The staff at Hanging Huts is on call for you whenever you need them. Peace will truly be found when you lay your head down on our luxuriously soft beds. We employ the finest beds and the finest linens to ensure a peaceful night sleep.

You’re Invited

We invite you to join us for a tranquil, peaceful, harmonic experience within our resort. Bring your soul back to a place where nature fills your spirit and refreshes your mind. We want you to experience all that our Eco Resort has to offer. Book your next wedding, party, or family gathering with us and enjoy nature at its best. You will enjoy your stay with us at Hanging Huts.