Hanging Huts

Address: 5/32, Thabbacombai Village, Kotagiri District, Tamil Nadu, India. Reservation Line: +91 90429 58500, +91 94437 37260


India is full of beauty unmatched by any place on earth. As it is one of the largest countries in the world, it can be difficult to simply pick a place to visit. The decision can be daunting, but consider a place where that seems un-touched by modern man. Kotagiri is that place.

Kotagiri has all the modern conveniences that is expected in the world of today, but without all of the excess noise. Kotagiri has a quaint endearing charm that you will not easily find in any other place.

The town is nestled in plantation country in the Nilgiris region. Situated 29km from the tourist destination of Ooty and 19 km from Coonor our guests enjoy all the attractions of the big city, but are able to truly rest in our resorts once all the sightseeing is over.


Nilgiri is a beautiful land with so much to see. Whether you are looking to take in the great outdoors or see rich history in a museum, you will find it all right here. Enjoy your stay with us in Kotagiri. We welcome you to our beautiful piece of earth. May you love it as much as we do.