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Address: 5/32, Thabbacombai Village, Kotagiri District, Tamil Nadu, India. Reservation Line: +91 90429 58500, +91 94437 37260


Kotagiri is a quaint town in the midst of lush green hills and mountains. This picturesque town offers panoramic views and all the charms of small town living. For the hiker, Kotagiri is especially inviting. There is much to be explored here and in the surrounding area of Kotagiri

Attractions Within 15 Minutes of Kotagiri

Kotagiri - Kodanad View Point

Kodanad Viewpoint

Bring your camera when coming to this high point of the Nilgiris You will want to get a shot from every angle of this panoramic view. Hike through the cool of the midst and enjoy the scenery.

Kotagiri - Catherine Falls

Catherine Falls

If water soothes your soul, Catherine Falls is the place to be. Bathe in the cool water of the falls or drink from the water flowing down, either way relaxation will find its way into every part of your spirit. Take in the true beauty of the earth at Catherine Falls.

Kotagiri - Longwood Shola

Longwood Shola

If wildlife is what you are after Longwood Shola will not disappoint. A short trek through this vibrant forest will fill your memories and your camera lens with wildlife of all kinds and only 3km from Kotagiri.

Kotagiri - Rangaswamy Peak and Pillar

Rangaswamy Peak and Pillar

Tranquility at its best. When the goal is peace this is the place to be. One of the easier treks to be had, a short hike will take you to a new land as you look out over the waterfalls and valleys.

Kotagiri - John Sullivan’s Pethakkal Bungalow

John Sullivan’s Pethakkal Bungalow

The Nilgiris would not be what it is today without the agricultural influence of John Sullivan. See what once was the home of John Sullivan and is now a museum dedicated to his many geographical achievements.